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Delivery and Customer Service

When will I receive my order?

You will receive your medication in approximately 2-5 business days* from the day the doctor prescribes your medication. You can check in on your order and tracking status by logging into your account.

*Please note that this is an estimate from our partner pharmacy and shipping times may vary due to your shipping location in the country.

Will the package be marked? How will it arrive?

No. The packaging is discreet, a plain brown box with a mailing label, and there is no indication of what it contains.

If I have questions about my order, who do I contact?

You can email or call our customer service team with any questions about your order:


Call: 844-818-1234

What if I spill or lose my medication or need more?

If you lose or spill your medication, please contact our customer service team:


Call: 844-818-1234

If you purchased your medications from another pharmacy, reach out to that pharmacy for a refill.

Understanding the Medication

Why do you need to take oral antifungal antibiotics for such a long period of time?
Toenails grow very slowly. Treating the fungus with an antibiotic along with the topical solution helps the body fight the fungus more effectively as your nails grow.
If I start to see improvement in my nails should I stop using all medications?
No. The nail will start to show signs of improvement, but if you stop treatment, you will likely have a complete recurrence of the infection. Continue taking all medication until the fungus is gone and the nail completely normal. The Doctor may assess how you are progressing towards the end of your treatment. You will then follow the maintenance schedule to prevent the infection from returning.
Should I take the medication in the morning, noon, or before bed?
You can take it at any time, but it is recommended it is taken at the same time each day.
Should I eat food before taking the oral medication?
It is not necessary to eat food before or after taking the oral medication.
Should I wear socks to bed to prevent the cream or lacquer from coming off when I sleep?
You can, but it’s not necessary. It is up to your personal preference.
Does the medication have an unpleasant smell?
The medication is unscented.
Are there any serious side effects associated with oral Terbinafine or Fluconazole treatment program?
Some people experience side effects, such as a rash. Rashes can occur with any medication. However, they are extremely rare with antifungal antibiotics. If itching or rashes do occur, stop the medication immediately. Headache, diarrhea, change in taste, mild nausea, and abnormal liver functions may be side effects of Terbinafine.  Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and dizziness may be side effects with Fluconazole.  These side effects are rare, but stop the medication immediately and see your doctor if they do occur.

Using the Medication and Toenail Maintenance

Do I need to use the cream along with the lacquer and oral tablet?

It is highly recommended you follow the medication instructions exactly as prescribed by the doctor for the best results. The use of the oral tablet in addition to the lacquer and cream will help prevent the fungus from spreading.

Can I apply the topical antifungal cream and lacquer with my bare hands?

Yes, you can use bare or gloved hands for application of the topical antifungal cream and lacquer. You should always wash your hands with soap and water before and after application.

What if I forget to use the medication as prescribed?

If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible. Skip the missed dose if it is almost time for your next dose. Do not use two doses at one time. Remember the more compliant you are with following directions for each medication, the sooner you will see results.

Do I need to remove nail buildup every week?

Yes, it is important to remove any buildup on a weekly basis to allow better penetration of the cream and lacquer.

What do I use to remove the nail buildup?

Rubbing alcohol applied with a cotton ball or piece of gauze is the preferred agent to remove the lacquer buildup.

Can I use nail polish remover?

It is best to use rubbing alcohol. It is important to remove lacquer buildup weekly to allow better penetration of cream and lacquer.

Do I need to remove my nail polish before application of ciclopirox lacquer?

Yes, in order to achieve adequate penetration of the nail lacquer to its target area, removal of nail polish prior to application is needed.

Can I paint my toenails during treatment?

We recommend you do not paint your toenails during treatment. Having a clean nail allows the medication to penetrate the surface more easily.

Should I trim my toenails during treatment?

Yes, as the nail grows, you will want to trim the old nail.

Will I need a refill? When should I come back for a follow up visit?

Depending on the clinician’s assessment, you may need a refill. Toenails grow very slowly, so it will take time for the toenail fungus to go away. It can take up to 12 months or longer. Please refer to the ‘What to Expect’ diagram on our toenail fungus treatment website here. At the end of your 6 months period from when you started your initial treatment, we will reach out via email and ask if you would like to do a follow-up with the clinician to review how you are doing. They may recommend more treatment or maintenance treatment depending on the clearance you show at that time. You will receive more detailed instructions on how to go about your follow up visit in the email.

Understanding Toenail Fungus

How do you pronounce ONYCHOMYCOSIS and what is it?
On-i-co-my-co-sis is a fungal infection of the nails that causes discoloration, thickening, and separation from the nail bed. Onychomycosis occurs in 10% of the general population, 20% of people older than 60 years, and 50% of those older than 70 years.

Can the fungus jump to the other toenails on my feet or to my partner’s feet?
Yes. That is why it is important to treat the fungus per the instructions provided. Common foot infections like athlete’s foot or toenail fungus can spread to others in your household from contact with bath mats, bathroom floors, and other communal areas where people walk in their bare feet.

How do I prevent my fungal infection of my feet from recurring?
Utilization of topical antifungal creams and lacquers, such as Ciclopirox, as part of a long-term maintenance program can prevent recurrence. You may need to go on another course of oral antifungals if needed.

What are the clinical signs that my nail is improving?
The new nail growth appears clearer with a greater amount of lucidity and new nail growth will be smoother and softer with no discoloration. Remember it takes time for the nails to grow, so do not expect improvement immediately.

How do I know that my onychomycosis (toenail fungus) is cured?
There will be no thickening, cracking, splitting, or discoloration on the nail. Continued maintenance will help to keep them this way.

Can onychomycosis lead to scarring?
No, onychomycosis will not cause scarring.

Is onychomycosis a sign of any other internal disease?
No. However, an untreated fungal infection of the feet or nails can lead to a severe bacterial infection of the legs called cellulitis.

How can I prevent recurrence of my onychomycosis?
Maintaining application of the antifungal cream, good hygiene by keeping the feet clean, and not walking barefoot are key factors in preventing acute infection and recurrence of onychomycosis and tinea pedis (athlete’s foot).

Can onychomycosis be painful? I am having pain in my big toenail
Yes, it can be painful. Onychomycosis is an infection which can cause inflammation and sometimes cause pain.

How soon will I see results?
The nails grow very slowly. As the medications treat the area, you will see improvement over 3 – 6 months. Don’t get discouraged. Taking STRIDE nail health supplement may help speed the growth and healing process. As the nail grows, the clear area will be visible. When you follow the directions for all medications the results will be realized. However, if you are not consistent with the medication per directions, the improvement will be slower to appear.

How long is the subscription service for Toenail Fungus?
The toenail fungus subscription is 6 months as we ship 6 months of treatment in your first kit. Toenails grow slowly and it will take at least 6 months and maybe longer to cure your infection depending on many factors.


Will insurance cover my prescription?
Insurance is not accepted by the preferred pharmacy for these products.FSA cards may be used as a payment option.

If the medication does not work and my fungus does not improve, do I get a refund on the costs?
No, the medical team evaluates each patient’s needs to determine the best treatment options. For most people, treatment is successful. The more compliant you are with the directions on the prescription, the more likely it is that you will see success over time.

Refund Policy

If the medication does not work and my fungus does not improve, do I get a refund on the costs?

No, there are no refunds on prescription products. The medical team evaluates each patient’s needs to determine the best treatment options. For most people, treatment is successful. The more compliant you are with the directions on the prescription, the more likely it is that you will see success over time.

Exception for Money Back Guarantee, which is conditional to patient continuing therapy for at least 6 months in length and must include oral antifungal along with topical treatment. Treatment success or failure will be reviewed and determined by a medical professional.

Other Questions

Why do you offer a free trial of Generic Viagra?
We offer the free trial as a value-added service because many men with toenail fungus or Athlete’s Foot also have ED (erectile dysfunction).
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting us at Please note: For toenail fungus treatment, this is not a subscription service. STRIDE ships 6 months worth of treatment one time upfront, and treatment is billed monthly at $49.50 for 6 months. This does not automatically renew. At the end of the first treatment, you will be asked to do a follow-up visit with one of our providers to review your progress.
Who is your pharmacy partner?
Our pharmacy partner is GoGoMeds.  Contact GoGoMeds at or call (888) 795-5826.

STRIDE the One Daily supplements

Why do I need The One Supplement?
The One Supplement supports new growth and helps with cell turnover as your skin regenerates, ensuring your body has the fuel for building new skin, healthy nails, and luxurious hair.
When is the best time to take The One Supplement?
There is no one best time to take The One Supplement. The most important thing is to take it consistently. We recommend making The One Supplement a part of your daily routine, taking it at a time that works best for you.
Can I take The One Supplement with other products?
The One Supplement is a natural dietary supplement formulated to be combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Always consult with your healthcare professional before using this supplement with other products.
Do I need to worry about the ingredients in The One Supplement?
The One Supplement is made with naturally sourced ingredients. It is both soy and gluten-free. The One Supplement is made with Non-GMO ingredients. You should discuss with your doctor before using if you have concerns about the ingredients.
Can I take The One Supplement while pregnant or breastfeeding?
If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare provider before taking this product.

STRIDE Foot Peel

Who do you recommend STRIDE Foot Peel to?
We recommend STRIDE Foot Peels to anyone that has very thick skin on the soles of their feet and wants that brand-new-skin look and feel on your feet! Remember, this is a medical strength product and it will take a few days for the rejuvenation process to occur, so plan accordingly.
What can I expect from the treatment?
STRIDE Foot Peel will make your feet feel and look brand new again! After your treatment, you can expect the skin on your feet to peel away in 3-14 days. This is normal and to be expected to uncover the beautiful new skin underneath.
How often can I use the STRIDE Foot Peel?
You can use Stride Foot Peel whenever you see dry, hardened, callused, or dead skin. Our recommendation is to use the Peel every two months to keep your feet soft and smooth. We also recommend waiting at least two weeks after the initial application before using STRIDE Foot Peel again.
After my first treatment, I noticed I still have some dead skin. How soon can I use the STRIDE Foot Peel again?
We recommend waiting two weeks after your first treatment before using STRIDE Foot Peel again.
Do I need to do anything special after my STRIDE Foot Peel?
For best results, we recommend soaking your feet in warm water daily while going through the peeling process.
Does STRIDE Foot Peel come with the plastic booties?
Yes, we include two plastic booties for your treatment.
Can I reuse the STRIDE Foot Peel?
No, STRIDE Foot Peels are not reusable.
Do I need to remove my nail polish before using the STRIDE Foot Peel?
You do not need to remove your nail polish; however, there is a possibility your nail polish could dull or fade.
Is there a discount for purchasing more than one STRIDE product?
Yes, purchase 2 or more STRIDE products and receive a 15% discount at checkout. To easily purchase all 3 products, add the STRIDE Bundle to your cart.

STRIDE Foot Cream

Why do I need a special foot cream?
The skin on your feet is thicker than the rest of the skin on your body and can easily become dry and cracked. Our STRIDE Foot Cream is a medical strength treatment that not only deeply nourishes parched skin but also rejuvenates and restores them to the soft, supple, beautiful feet you once had.

When should I apply STRIDE Foot Cream?
Apply STRIDE Foot Cream to clean skin, once or twice daily depending on the condition of the skin on your feet. We recommend massaging STRIDE Foot Cream into your feet after a bath or shower.

Who do we recommend STRIDE Foot Cream to?
We recommend STRIDE Foot Cream to anyone with cracked, calloused, scaly, and dry skin who wants their feet to look beautiful and feel soft and smooth. We’re tough on our feet, so why not show them a little love with STRIDE Foot Cream? STRIDE Foot Cream can also help treat and prevent fungal infections of the feet and nails.

Is there a discount for purchasing more than one STRIDE product?
Yes, purchase 2 or more STRIDE products and receive a 15% discount at checkout. To easily purchase all 3 products, add the STRIDE Bundle to your cart.

STRIDE Product Bundle

Do I need to use all of the STRIDE products to see results?
For the best clinically-backed results, we recommend using the supplement, cream, and peel together. However, you will still benefit from the individual products.

Do I have to purchase certain products to be eligible for the discount?
No, purchasing 2 or more of any STRIDE products qualifies for the discount.

Do I need to put in a special promo code at checkout?
No, when purchasing 2 or more STRIDE products in a single transaction, the 15% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

Where can I learn more about the individual products?
Please visit the individual product pages to learn more about STRIDE The One Supplement, STRIDE Foot Peel, and STRIDE Foot Cream.

Is there a discount for purchasing more than one STRIDE product?
Yes, purchase 2 or more STRIDE products and receive a 15% discount at checkout. To easily purchase all 3 products, add the STRIDE Bundle to your cart.

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