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Our journey began with a "personal" challenge.

We had bad feet! We tried to find an effective treatment for toenail fungus after years of disappointing results. We shared the frustration (and embarrassment) of ineffective prescriptions, over-the-counter options, and fruitless internet searches. Motivated by these challenges, we took action.

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Our frustration was real. Our mission was clear (nails).

Doctors weren't encouraging

We experienced frustration from visiting doctors who explained that existing stand alone prescription options that were not very  effective.

Ineffective solutions galore

We experienced frustration from spending endless hours searching the internet and chat groups for any sort of solution that may work and of course, none of them did.

We said to ourselves, “Let’s work with the smartest people, and solve this problem”, and WE DID IT! STRIDE DUO™ therapy protocol has a cure rate as high as 89%!

Life is better with better feet

Our journey led us here - we developed the best possible prescription products and treatments based on proven clinical research, while at the same time improving patient access by eliminating the need for doctor office visits.

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We teamed up with leading experts to create STRIDE’s dual therapy protocol.

We also streamlined the entire process, making it easy for you to get diagnosed, prescribed, and receive your medication directly at your doorstep—all from the comfort of your home. No more unnecessary travel or waiting at doctors' offices and pharmacies.

STRIDE has an impressive cure rate with our STRIDE DUO™ therapy.
STRIDE has two options for treatment. Oral+topical or topical only.
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Who we are

STRIDE is a team of entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical professionals, digital athletes and committed doers.

We are a diverse team with an even more eclectic background. On any given day you'll find us researching the latest scientific news on dermatophyte fungus or researching the latest in technology, AI and e-commerce.

Office staff negotiating in a meeting.
Who we are

A team who puts customers first

Everyone on the team has embraced what everyone else considered to be a very "unsexy" problem space. Our commitment to solving this ailment is universally shared across the STRIDE organization.

A woman smiles at the camera and sits on a green couch in a hall.
Who we are

We're distributed around the world

We pride ourselves on being a highly functional, decentralized organization. Speaking several languages, we bring a range of perspectives that often make 1+1=3.

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Who we are

We go where the science and data lead us

Surrounding ourselves with the best people, we let science do the rest. We're serious about sourcing the very best compounds available and working with the best clinicians to ensure each customer gets the right medication for them.

A doctor in a white coat in the laboratory gesticulates gesturing, explaining something to a colleague.

Ready To Cure Toenail Fungus For Good?

"I have literally tried everything over the years. Nothing worked until now. STRIDE is the real deal."

- Jeff S.

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